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All orders require a 50% non-refundable retainer due 24 hours upon ordering (2 weeks or $200 or under will be due in full) and balance is due upon pickup or before delivery.   Once the retainer is made and your contract is signed your cake and date are confirmed.  


 Wedding cakes/cupcakes and large events orders final payment is due two weeks prior to event.  


We accept Debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express (via Square) and Cash.


Changes to Orders/Cancellation Policy

We will increase serving amounts on cakes orders (including wedding cakes) once order has been placed and deposit received and/or contract signed.


If you need to change the date of your order or serving requirements please provide us with at least two weeks’ notice. Date changes may be accommodated depending on availability.


Last minute orders (for same week pickup) cannot be cancelled.


Changes to cake design must be made no later than one week prior to pickup/delivery - extra charges may apply to design changes/additions.



We work closely with our clients to design a cake that suits their theme, event and budget.  We will do our best to interpret your vision into a cake and will also provide you with our opinion of what we feel would look best.


We reserve the right to make last minute changes to the cake design as we feel necessary to obtain the best possible finished product while still keeping the original design in mind. 

Our cakes and decorations are edible but we do use wooden dowel and straws to support cake tiers and some non-edible products for support in our figurines and fondant pieces such as wire, toothpicks, etc.  Please remove before consuming. 



We will do our best to color match samples that are given to us but please keep in mind that we are working with a food product and edible colors.   Some colors such as pinks, purple and grey are vastly affected by light and we cannot guarantee exact color matches nor color stability.  Cakes should be displayed out of direct sunlight to keep colors from fading out.



If fresh flowers will be used on the cake it is the responsibility of the florist to determine flower safety and safe food practices and not the cake decorator.  We will arrange up to 25 stems free; $1 for each additional stem.  You acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product, and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants. 


Edible Image Photo Submission

We only accept one photo per cake unless you have formatted a collage and it is submitted as a single JPEG image.  We will not print numerous pictures on one cake unless this has been agreed upon with the decorator (extra charges will apply).


Dietary/Allergy Information

Our cake shop uses milk, flour, butter, sugar and eggs in our recipes.  We do not offer gluten-free, eggless or sugar-free options at this time.  We use peanut butter in our home and in cakes.  We are NOT guaranteed 100% nut-free as some of our ingredients or garnishes may contain or have come in contact with nut products. You agree to notify your guests of this risk and hold us harmless for allergic reactions.


Picking up your Order

We will have your order ready at the agreed-upon time and date.  Early pick-ups may be accommodated with proper notice, but as we are a very busy shop, we cannot always complete orders early.

Your cake will be securely boxed and covered with a lid or cellophane when you pick it up.  Please check to see that we have the correct design and spelling on the cake prior to leaving.

If you are having another person pick up your order, they will be required to sign a waiver agreeing that your order was intact and correct at time of pickup. We are not responsible for orders once they leave our premises.




Available fee's apply, please include delivery address if you need a quote on delivery.  



As stated above, your cake will be securely boxed upon pickup.  When carrying your cake box, please carry from the bottom and not the sides as this could damage the cake.


If you or your representative elect pick up and set up the cake, you assume all liability and responsibility for the condition of the cake once it leaves Sweet Suprise Cakes, LLC possession.


Please transport your cake/cupcakes in a flat area (floor or back of van/suv and not in the back of a truck or on a seat. 


Cakes and cupcakes should be transported in a cool vehicle and not in direct sunlight.  Please store your cake in the refrigerator  (unless otherwise stated)  Leftovers should be wrapped, stored in box (2-3 days) or frozen.   We do not recommend displaying cakes or cupcakes outdoors in either direct sunlight or on warm days.  Our cakes and cupcakes are iced with buttercream/fondant and will melt and become sticky if subjected to very warm temperatures or touched after being refrigerated.


On occasion we will photograph our cakes and we reserve the right to use any photographs for display or promotion without compensation to you.

Information and it's use

When purchasing our products and services, or simply signing up for our e-mail newsletter, you are required to enter personal details which may include:

  • Your name

  • Email address

  • Postal address

  • Phone numbers

  • Debit or credit card details

We collect the information from you in order to:

  • Inform you about all the latest products, deals and other information relevant to you. All information will be delivered by e-mail.

  • Track your activity on our site. We may use this information in order to conduct our market research that will help us to deliver a customized service to our users. Our tracking activities do not have any impact on your surfing experience on our website and these activities are completely safe.

  • Stop users from posting content that is inappropriate, offensive or objectionable.

You can choose not to provide certain information, but in so choosing you may not be able to take advantage of many of our features. We use the information that you provide for such purposes as responding to your requests, customizing future experiences for you, improving our operations, and communicating with you.

You can visit our website, read materials, and browse the website’s contents without giving us any personally identifiable information.

Contact Terms

Email: We reserve the rights to send emails to those who signed up on our website or posted any query. We will never spam you. If you are interested in not receiving any email from us, you can always unsubscribe us. All the emails are sent by our company and we don’t share your personal details with third party sites. You may unsubscribe to any of our online e-mail updates by following the unsubscribe instructions in the body of any e-mail message. We will take commercially reasonable steps to implement your opt-out requests promptly; but you may still receive promotional information from us for up to 21 days.

EU Residents

GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION If you are in the European Union (EU), you have specific rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. If you choose to provide us with information, you may ask us at any time to delete the information, with which we will comply in a reasonably timely manner if we have not independently chosen to delete the same information prior to your request. In either case, you will be advised accordingly. You may request a copy of any computer file compiling your information, to the extent we have collected it, and such file will be provided to you in a commercially reasonable period, if it has not been previously deleted, as noted above. You may ask us not to process your data, or to share it with any entities that would do so. Please note, however, that there is no known sharing of any data by our company with third parties, and outside of the unlikely possibility of subpoena, other court order, or legally compliant government investigation, no desire to do so. If you have consented to the processing of your personal data, you may withdraw that consent at any time – though please note that processing that had occurred prior to such withdrawal would remain legal in retrospect. The information that is asked from you is intended only to fulfill the requirements to form a contract, and no additional information gathering, or processing will be required than must be for that purpose. If you believe that our company has failed to adhere to your rights under the GDPR, you are entitled to file a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority. Our company does not, to the extent that the term can be reasonably understood, engage in large-scale data collection or processing, and so does not have an appointed specialist Data Protection Officer or employ any representative physically located in the EU and designated as the point of contact for the EU government on these matters.


Thank you for choosing Sweet Suprise Cakes, LLC!

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